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March 30, 2007



Blogs are considered to play an effective role in building traffic.

Blogs can be defined as small websites developed for the purpose of easy
interaction between customers or visitors. Blogs are considered to be a
personal place where the blogger writes his or her thoughts, views or
experiences regarding products or services. Usually blogs are specified to a
particular category as per industry.

Blogging helps to establish a relationship between visitors and they easily
communicate by writing comments. They have content, images, head lines,
contact, emails, telephone numbers etc same as a website but is small. They
give industry updates to regular readers; they help promote communication
between people in the same industry.

As times moves we have social media websites, social bookmarkings, forums
etc.All these platforms are mere ways of communicating, exchanging thoughts,
solving queries, explanations and interest regarding a topic or set of

These forums the forums are dedicated to a particular industry/ field or any
particular topic. People of the same interest and field join these forums to
interact on a larger platform and exchange thoughts.

Using these ways as mentioned above we can get

1.. Promote products / services / organization or site.
2.. Impart and exchange knowledge
3.. Competitors review
4.. Expectations of potential customers need
5.. Get expert opinions


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